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Getting a divorce is a complicated and unpleasant process, and despite your best efforts, it can be a very difficult experience to go through on your own. The details surrounding property division, child custody, and other important issues can be overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with the emotional stress of the end of your marriage. Making uninformed or careless decisions can have long-lasting repercussions for your finances and your family life.

However, when you work with an experienced divorce attorney, you can better avoid these pitfalls and work toward a resolution that protects your interests and meets your needs. At Pfister Family Law, we will stand by you throughout the divorce process as a compassionate ally and skilled advocate. Our attorneys have served clients in Prosper and North Texas for multiple decades, and we will put our negotiation and litigation experience to work for you.

Prosper, TX Divorce Resolution Methods

Each divorce is different, and we can help you reach a resolution through the appropriate strategy based on your situation and your personal preferences. If you and your spouse are committed to an uncontested or agreed divorce, we can represent you in divorce settlement negotiations to achieve a favorable outcome and guide you through the legal procedures in the Texas court system. If you expect a high-conflict divorce with no chance of reaching a mutual agreement, we will help you stand your ground throughout litigation and fully prepare to make the most of your court hearings.

Property and Financial Matters in a Prosper Divorce

Many of the issues that must be resolved in a divorce revolve around your property and assets. Our background in business litigation gives us a unique perspective when it comes to helping you protect your financial interests. We help you address matters including:

  • Property division - Texas requires spouses to fairly divide their community property in a divorce. We help you negotiate or make the case for your fair share of the marital estate and the assets that matter the most to you, and we can also help you protect any assets that are your own separate property.
  • Spousal maintenance - Court-ordered spousal support is somewhat uncommon in Texas, but it may be a factor in your divorce. We can help you pursue maintenance if you have a financial need, or protect yourself from an unreasonable alimony order if you are likely to be the paying spouse.
  • High-asset divorce considerations - If you have a high net worth or high-value assets, property division can be more complicated. We help you protect your business, your real estate properties, your retirement savings, and other valuable properties.
  • Hidden assets - We can help you find evidence of your spouse's financial dishonesty and seek restitution, including in cases involving wasted or hidden assets that would unfairly influence the division of marital property.

Child Custody and Child Support

A divorce can also have a major impact on your children and your relationships with them. We help you protect your children's best interests and assert your parental rights in matters including:

  • Child custody/conservatorship - Your conservatorship arrangement determines each parent's decision-making rights and responsibilities regarding your children's living arrangements, health care, education, and other important matters. We can help you ensure that you remain involved in these decisions.
  • Visitation/possession - We know that parents often want to spend as much time with their children as possible after a divorce, and we can help you achieve a visitation schedule that provides you with a fair amount of possession.
  • Child support - Child support is crucial to providing for your children's needs, but the details of the order also have a substantial impact on the parent's finances. We work to ensure your child support order is fair and appropriate given your circumstances.

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If your marriage is coming to an end, we can help you prepare for your divorce and provide the representation you need from start to finish. For an initial consultation, contact our office today at 972-954-6455. We serve clients in Prosper, TX and throughout Collin County, Denton County, and the surrounding areas.

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