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Getting a divorce can be a difficult process, but it does not always have to involve extreme levels of conflict and heated battles inside the courtroom. In many cases, spouses are able to negotiate a settlement that addresses all of the legal issues involved in ending their marriage. This can help avoid the financial and emotional costs of divorce litigation, and it can also provide a couple with a more satisfactory outcome that both parties can agree on.

Even though an uncontested divorce will mostly be conducted outside the courtroom, it is still important to secure representation from an experienced divorce attorney. At Pfister Family Law, we will make sure your rights are protected throughout the divorce process. Our attorneys bring multiple decades of experience to family law cases, and we will help you understand the best strategy for achieving your goals while advocating aggressively on your behalf.

Protecting Your Rights During an Uncontested Divorce

If you are planning to pursue an uncontested divorce (which is also known as an "agreed" divorce), you and your spouse will need to negotiate a divorce settlement that fully addresses all legal issues involved in dissolving your marriage. You must reach an agreement about how you will divide your community property, ensuring that both of you will receive a fair and equitable share of your assets and debts, and you will also need to determine whether one spouse will pay spousal support to the other. If you have children together, your divorce settlement will need to specify how child custody will be handled. Your settlement may also state that child support will be calculated according to the guidelines in the Texas Family Code, or you may agree on a different amount of child support, as long as this will provide for your children's best interests.

Even though an uncontested divorce may involve less conflict and more cooperation than a litigated divorce, you will still want to take steps to protect your rights, and you will need a strong legal advocate who can help you make the right decisions. Our attorneys will help you take an assertive approach when negotiating your divorce settlement while also providing guidance about how to make intelligent and strategic choices that will allow you to reach your desired outcome. He will make sure you understand how the law applies to your situation, and he will offer advice about how you may be able to compromise to resolve disputes or whether it may be necessary to ask the judge in your case to make temporary or permanent decisions about how certain issues should be handled.

Once you and your spouse have reached an agreement on all outstanding issues, we can ensure that your divorce settlement meets all legal requirements and fully details the terms of the decisions you have made. You will then attend a final hearing, known as a "prove-up" hearing, in which the judge will review the settlement and ask you and your spouse questions to make sure you both agree with the decisions made. After approving the settlement, the judge will issue an order that will legally dissolve your marriage and finalize your divorce.

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While an uncontested divorce can often be completed much more quickly and easily than a litigated divorce, you will still need a strong legal advocate on your side during this process. Pfister Family Law can make sure you take the right steps to protect your parental rights and your financial interests when negotiating a divorce settlement, giving you the confidence that you can reach a positive outcome to your case.

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