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A divorce is undeniably a life-changing experience, affecting everything from your property and finances, to your time with your children, to the details of your daily routines. Many of these changes can be difficult and unpleasant, but that does not mean that you have to resign yourself to an entirely negative outcome. With a thoughtful approach and strategy, it is possible to end your marriage with many of your goals and priorities intact.

Working with an experienced divorce lawyer can greatly improve your chances of achieving a more positive divorce resolution. At Pfister Family Law, our attorneys bring multiple decades of legal experience to our practice, and we can help you protect your interests throughout divorce settlement negotiations or litigation. With our guidance and representation, you can feel more confident about ending your marriage on your own terms.

Getting a Divorce in Little Elm, TX

Residents of Little Elm can file for divorce in Denton County after living in the county for 90 days and within the State of Texas for at least six months. If you are initiating the divorce process, you have the option to file for a no-fault divorce on the grounds of insupportability or irreconcilable differences, or to file for a fault-based divorce on grounds including adultery or cruelty. Your actions in the early stages of the divorce process can determine whether litigation will be necessary, or whether you and your spouse may be able to work out an uncontested or agreed divorce. We can review your situation with you to help you understand your options and your best course of action.

Dividing Property and Assets

Property division is the one constant in all Texas divorce cases. You should be sure to understand the differences between separate property, which belongs to you alone, and community property, which belongs to the marital estate. Both you and your spouse have an equal claim to community property, which means you will need to determine how to divide it between the two of you during your divorce.

We can help you prepare for the division of assets by gathering all of your important financial records and documents and seeking information from your spouse. We have substantial experience with complex, high-asset divorce cases, so we can help you figure out how to handle properties like businesses, real estate, retirement accounts, investments, and other valuables. We can also help you identify signs of hidden assets and other forms of financial dishonesty that could impact the outcome of your divorce.

Determining Child Custody

If you are a parent, child custody may be of even greater concern to you than the division of assets. Under Texas law, divorced parents must have an arrangement regarding conservatorship and possession. In layman's terms, this means that you will need to determine each parent's decision-making authority regarding the children, as well as the time that the children will spend living with each parent. You will also need to determine how child support obligations and payments will be handled.

Texas courts prioritize a child's best interests in child custody and child support decisions, but you have the ability to influence the outcome by working out a parenting agreement with your spouse, or by preparing to show the court that your preferred custody arrangement will best meet your children's needs. We can represent you in your efforts to resolve child custody matters using your preferred method.

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