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Divorce involves terminating a legally recognized marriage, in which all financial and legal matters related to the relationship are resolved. It is a complex process that can have far-reaching consequences for both spouses. For those considering divorce in Denton County or Tarrant County, an experienced family law attorney can help you navigate the complicated legal system.

Financial issues spouses may encounter during their divorce include the division of marital assets, spousal support, and child support. When shared children are involved in a divorce, it is crucial to consider their best interests when deciding conservatorship and possession

Our family law attorneys can provide legal advice on these matters and help protect your financial and parental interests. Our team of legal professionals at Pfister Family Law can provide valuable guidance and support as you take the necessary steps to end your marriage.

Legal Issues to Address During Divorces in Texas

Divorces in Texas can be complicated, as there are several legal issues that must be addressed. Whether the spouses share children or not, there can be other complex issues, such as the division of property and financial support. Our firm can help you with the following components of divorce:

  • Property division is a common component of divorce leading to disagreements between spouses. It will need to be determined what property qualifies as marital property and separate property. Types of property that may need to be divided include real estate, cars, bank accounts, and investments.
  • Child custody, which Texas often calls conservatorship, must also be addressed when parents are divorcing. When divorce parents create possession orders, it is possible for one parent to be designated the sole managing conservator or for both parents to share joint managing conservatorship.
  • Forms of financial support may also be a point of contention when ending a marriage. Financial support may come in the form of spousal and/or child support. Spousal support is intended to help the receiving spouse maintain their standard of living after divorce, while child support helps cover the costs of caring for children under 18 years old.

At our firm, we understand that divorce is a difficult process, and our attorneys strive to provide compassionate counsel. Our attorneys work hard to help clients navigate through the legal process and reach a favorable resolution.

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Dissolving a marriage will likely take significant time and effort. Both financial decisions and decisions involving shared children can impact the rest of your life. Because of this, having a knowledgeable and understanding legal team is essential to protect your rights and interests as you dissolve your marriage. At Pfister Family Law, our lawyers are dedicated to advocating for divorcing spouses and parents. We have experience fighting for their fair share of the marital estate, determining the best conservatorship agreement, and establishing spousal maintenance orders.

If you are going through a divorce, our legal team may be able to help. To learn how we can help, contact a member of our team today by calling 972-954-6455.

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