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Navigating High-Conflict Custody Battles in Texas Divorces

 Posted on October 19, 2023 in Child Custody

Frisco family lawyerWhen substantial assets and emotions run high, custody disputes during a divorce often turn complex. Preparation and legal strategies with a Texas lawyer can help you resolve parenting plan impasses. Your focus must remain on the children’s well-being, not “winning” at all costs.

Understanding How Courts Determine Custody

Texas family courts prioritize the child’s best interests when awarding custody. Judges weigh factors like:

  • Each parent’s ability to provide a stable, nurturing home environment
  • Strength of the children’s existing relationships with each parent, siblings, and other relatives
  • Willingness to encourage ongoing relationships with the other parent
  • Parent’s mental health, education, support networks, and any substance abuse or legal issues

Courts increasingly favor joint custody arrangements when both parents are deemed fit. Understanding influential factors helps your case.

Building an Effective Custody Case

Work closely with a lawyer to showcase your stability as a parent and dedication to the children’s well-being. Critical evidence includes:

  • Your role in schooling, medical care, extracurriculars - illustrate your parental involvement
  • The closeness of your bond with each child through photos, journals, videos
  • Your social and family support network - friends and relatives who can attest to your strong parenting
  • Counseling, classes, and other reasonable faith efforts that make you the optimal custodial choice

Also, appropriate evidence should be gathered regarding deficiencies jeopardizing the other party’s custodial rights.

Getting Ahead of Potential Dispute Triggers

Relocation requests, parental alienation claims, complex holiday schedules - these issues can cause intense battles. Discussing possible flashpoints with your attorney allows proactive strategies to calm disputes before they erupt. It is important not to get blindsided.

Prioritizing Your Child’s Interests

Some parents focus on financial gain or “winning” over compromise during heated custody disputes. No child should have to be in the middle of arguments, and a lawyer can help you solve everything professionally and in an organized way so your child does not have to hear any of it. When considering custody, always think about what is best for your child.

Contact a Frisco, TX Family Law Attorney

You do not have to navigate custody disputes alone. Work with a Collin County, TX divorce lawyer to maximize the potential of your case.

Custody battles serve no one in the end. However, an attorney focused on your children’s best interests, not egos or billable hours, can be invaluable. Do not be intimidated by aggressive legal tactics. We are here to help. Call Pfister Family Law at 972-954-6455 to get started with your case.

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