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Minimizing the Impact of Divorce on Children in Texas Custody Cases

 Posted on September 15, 2023 in Divorce

Frisco Child Custody LawyerWhen parents divorce in Texas, determining custody arrangements for minor children adds further complexity and potential trauma to the process. The breakup of a family through divorce profoundly impacts children’s well-being and stability. There are steps divorcing parents can take to help protect their children’s best interests and minimize the disruption of divorce, including working with a lawyer.

Focus on the Child’s Needs and Perspective

Children cope better when parents remain centered on the child’s needs. Approach custody discussions remembering that your child did not choose divorce and they should not be put in the middle of parental conflict. Seek arrangements that maintain close relationships with both parents.

Prioritize Consistency and Stability

Major upheavals like changing schools, friends or residences can worsen divorce’s effects on children. Try to preserve normal routines and a sense of security. Custody schedules with predictable transitions and consistent rules/discipline are ideal.

Shield Children from Parental Conflict

Ongoing parental conflict escalates stress. Never criticize the other parent in front of your children. Keep talks calm when you must interact. Litigation raises tensions, so settlement is ideal. Use mediation or alternative dispute resolution to avoid a toxic court battle.

Reassure Children and Listen to Their Concerns

Tell children the divorce is between mom and dad, not them. Listen patiently to their fears and feelings. Reassure them they will still be loved and supported by both parents in new family structures. Do not overshare adult issues in ways that burden children.

Seek a Counselor to Help Kids Cope

A qualified child therapist can help children verbalize emotions and process the challenges positively over time. Do not delay getting counseling when signs of anxiety, depression or behavioral issues appear.

Consider Co-Parenting Classes

Court-mandated co-parenting classes teach positive strategies after separation. Even without a mandate, voluntary classes can help hostile parents improve cooperation and communication for the children’s sake.

Decide Custody Arrangements Thoughtfully

Sole or primary custody with visitation rights is common, but can disrupt stability and relationship with the non-custodial parent. Consider joint custody arrangements that maximize time with both parents equally.

Contact a Collin County, TX Family Law Attorney

Navigating custody determinations under Texas Family Code during divorce is complex. Get guidance from an attorney focused on protecting you and your child’s interests, not escalating conflict.

With forethought, caution, and the help of a Frisco, Texas child custody lawyer, you can make custody decisions that put your child’s welfare first, both now and in the years to come. Call Pfister Family Law at 972-954-6455 to get started.

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