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Is Your Spouse Secretly Planning a Divorce? Watch Out for These Financial Red Flags

 Posted on March 21, 2023 in Divorce

Collin County Divorce LawyerUnfortunately, there are many people who seek out the legal assistance of a divorce attorney who share they had no idea their spouse wanted a divorce until they got served with the divorce petition. Although there are marriages where divorce seems to come out of nowhere, there are usually some indicators that the person did not realize were actually signs that their spouse was planning their exit strategy from the marriage. Although these signs may not always mean a spouse is planning on leaving, they may be warnings that something is going on and you should consider seeking out legal advice to ensure your best interests are protected.

No Deposits in Joint Financial Accounts

In the majority of marriages, spouses have joint financial accounts that they use to pay household bills and other expenses. If your spouse suddenly stops depositing their pay into the joint account, that could be a red flag that they are making plans to file for divorce. Opening up an individual account is one of the first things that a divorce lawyer may suggest to a client that is planning on ending their marriage.

Unexplained Withdrawals from Joint Financial Accounts

Conversely, if your spouse is making unexplained withdrawals from your joint accounts, that could be another sign that they are planning a divorce. It could be a sign of asset dissipation, where the spouse is trying to spend as much of the marital assets before the divorce, they could be spending the funds in an affair, they could be hiding the funds, or they could be paying a divorce attorney with them.

Taking Out Joint Loans/Credit Cards

If your spouse suddenly wants to take out a large loan or credit cards with a significant credit line in order to make large purchases when there was no discussion about this before, it could be because they know that this will be a marital debt that you will also be financially responsible for even if there is a divorce.

Demands to Know What You Are Spending

If your spouse starts tracking every penny you spend or tries to put you on a budget, this could be their way of creating a significant decrease in household expenditures. These lower figures can be used by your spouse’s divorce attorney to argue against paying you spousal support.

Complains About How Much Money They Do Not Have

If your spouse suddenly begins complaining about the lack of work they have, their ability to make money, lack of bonuses, etc., this could be a ploy to make you think their income has been reduced should they file for divorce. For example, some spouses will have their employers hold off on paying them a bonus until after a divorce is finalized in order to avoid those funds counting towards any child support or alimony they may be ordered to pay.

Contact a Frisco Divorce Lawyer for Help

If you suspect your spouse is planning on divorcing you, do not wait until you have been served to begin taking the steps to protect your financial interests in the marital estate. Call Pfister Family Law at 972-954-6455 to schedule a confidential consultation with a dedicated and experienced Collin County divorce attorney.



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