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Do I Have to Establish Paternity for My Child in Texas? 

 Posted on February 04, 2022 in Family Law

North Texas Parentage LawyerMany unmarried women get pregnant accidentally or before finding out that the child’s father is not a man they want to raise a child with. They may then wonder if establishing paternity would be in their or the child’s best interests. After all, if the child’s father is abusive, unavailable, or a philanderer, many women may reason that there is simply no reason to inform him of the pregnancy. 

While some women ultimately do decide to never establish parentage in Texas, there are good reasons for doing so even if you do not like your child’s father. Before you decide whether you want to establish paternity, here are some things to consider. 

Will Not Establishing Paternity Hurt My Child? 

An abundance of research suggests that children do best by almost every metric when they have fathers in their lives. Fatherless children are more likely to drop out of school, abuse drugs and alcohol, engage in criminal activity, have trouble regulating their emotions, and become pregnant as a teenager. 

Not having a father in the home is no guarantee that any of these things will be in your child’s future. But if you do not have positive male role models that you can provide your child, consider that your child may face certain struggles as a result. 

Can I Afford to Raise a Child Myself? 

Many women understandably balk at the idea of legally connecting themselves for at least 18 years to a guy who has been a jerk. While you may feel the father of your child is unsuitable as an intimate partner, consider whether you can afford to bear the cost of child rearing on your own without the help of child support payments. 

Single motherhood is no easy feat. Women–especially young women–who raise children by themselves often find their career and social options are limited by the fact that their family is completely reliant on them. This makes it very difficult to take risks with potentially large payoffs, because if the risk fails, the family may not have enough money to pay rent. Going back to school or changing jobs becomes much more challenging. Women raise children by themselves every day, but before you make this decision, you may want to speak with an attorney with experience in family law

Call a Frisco Paternity Lawyer

Deciding how to handle paternity can be complex and confusing. Before making any major decisions, consider getting help from a Frisco, TX paternity attorney with the Pfister Family Law. We can help you explore your options and consider the implications of any particular choice. Feel more secure in knowing you have the help of an experienced lawyer on your side. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation at 972-954-6455



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